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aluminium windows zimbabwe We have Aluminium Windows which can be used for any application, whether it be a new building or replacement window. As standard our aluminum windows are double glazed, powder coated and reach the highest energy efficiency rating achievable. Why choose a bulky, plastic UPVC window when you can have aluminium?

The benefits of using aluminium windows over UPVC windows are:
  • you can achieve much thinner frames (Slimline Aluminium Frames),
  • much greater durability,
  • they can be powder coated, which means a choice of over 300 RAL standard colours.
The perfect addition to any aluminium door, or frameless glass door is a set of aluminium windows. We can even offer them in matching RAL colours for a modern and seamless effect.

For years, architects and builders have specified aluminum windows for their overall strength and lasting value. Because of their rigidity, durability and narrow frames, aluminum windows can be configured into a wide variety of combinations that maximize views.

Aluminum windows also are popular because of their low maintenance. They won't rust or rot. You don't have to paint them. And they're available with tough anodized or baked-on finishes.

The downside of aluminum windows in the past was that they weren't very energy efficient. Aluminum readily conducts heat and cold. In cold weather, your home's heat seeps out through the sash and frame. Today, better quality aluminum windows, equipped with thermal breaks, separate the interior and exterior surfaces of the window to improve their energy efficiency

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