Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding Door Zimbabwe Make the most of your home's views with the sleek, trim sight lines of a durable standard aluminum sliding door.

Sliding aluminum doors are an affordable, space-saving way to open up a room. While hinged doors require objects to be well away from the door, a sliding door needs no swing room at all. It opens up a room with a great view of the outdoors and adds light and beauty to your home.

Aluminium Sliding Doors open by sliding along horizontal tracks at the head and sill. A sliding door will have either a right–hand or left–hand operation. You will need to decide which is best for your room and situation.

We Provide Quality

The quality of an aluminium sliding door is determined by how the door functions. To ensure quality, consider the following:
  • Operation — Check how smoothly the rollers move in their tracks and how much effort it takes. The door should feel snug in its tracks, but move easily. It should feel more like it's floating than sliding.
  • Security — Examine the locking system. Hardware selections vary, and the best doors will feature quality hardware. Locks should meet or exceed local forced–entry code.
  • Energy Efficiency — Make sure the sliding door you buy is well insulated and comes with the appropriate energy-saving glass to reduce your heating and cooling costs.
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